THREE DEATHS by Josip Novakovich

Three Deaths is acclaimed writer Josip Novakovich’s first exclusively Canadian edition of his writing. This elegant edition works as a triptych consisting of three distinct genres: a personal essay, a short story, and a classic tale. All three exquisite texts concern the primary theme of death and are rendered with Novakovich’s renowned and uncanny sense of syntax and narrative. Three Deaths is at once dark and poignant, fierce and tender, and is both the perfect introduction to the works of Novakovich and the ideal collector’s edition for longtime fans.

isbn: 0986576514 / 9780986576515 │ 12.00 │ 88 pages │ 2010

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Josip Novakovich moved from Croatia to the U.S. at the age of twenty. He has published a novel, April Fool’s Day, three story collections (Infidelities: Stories of War and Lust, Yolk, and Salvation and Other Disasters) and two collections of narrative essays as well as two books of practical criticism, including Fiction Writers Workshop. His work was anthologized in Best American Poetry, the Pushcart Prize collection, and O. Henry Prize Stories. He has received the Whiting Writer’s Award, a Guggenheim fellowship, two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, the Ingram Merrill Award, and an American Book Award, and he has been a writing fellow of the New York Public Library. He has taught at Bard, Die Freie Universitaet in Berlin, Penn State, and now, Concordia University in Montreal.

“Like many serious treatments of mortality, Novakovich’s remarkable book asks us to set aside our earthly vanities and delight fully in life’s absurd beauty. Despite its seriousness, Three Deaths is a rebellious and spirited book inspired by the details and distractions of life, as well as its joys and possibilities.” — The National Post

“The mastery of this volume is in its pacing…a poignant collection.” — Montreal Review of Books

“World-weary, laconic, subtly sarcastic, [Novakovich’s voice] knows its insults are no match for the insults of the universe.” –Rover Arts

“Novakovich’s writing is clear; his voice unique bordering on eccentric. His sharp descriptions, and especially his bizarre denouement, are unlike any other I’ve read.” — BC Local News

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