The Lateral by Jake Kennedy

Winner of the 2010 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry! The Lateral is a highly original and experimental book from a nimble poetic mind. It includes an elegiac found-long-poem that gathers all the “Acker” keyword tags from the Flickr database and reapplies them as words-of-lament for the revolutionary artist-writer Kathy Acker (1947-97), a series of prose-poem-ruminations that contemplate the optimal conditions for the poetry, and a section of poems that can only be described as the vulgar, unkempt cousin of Hugh Prather’s Notes to Myself.

isbn: 0986576506 / 978-0986576508  │  12.00  │  88 pages  │  2010

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Jake Kennedy is a poet, prose writer, and teacher. His work has appeared in a number of literary journals and anthologies. His chapbook, Hazard, is published by BookThug. Jake currently teaches in the English Department at Okanagan College.

“Not only does Acker’s legacy lead Kennedy to produce more writing (art begets art, of course), but, after traversing through this landscape of visual imagery, his words lead the reader back to the real world.” — Broken Pencil

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