All our grandfathers are ghosts by Pasha Malla

pash copyImagine a world just like our own: the celebrities march their sequined parade on TV, the Dairy Queens dollop out fat splooges of frozen yogurt, folks hump one another like they always have, and sometimes there’s shoplifting, and sometimes there’s love. Except there’s no morality, none at all, which skews things some. Murder happens off-handedly, as a joke, the librarians are all on acid, at parties people chug goblets of their own pee, and Fred Savage has been crowned king of Romania. This is the world of All our grandfathers are ghosts., a book of poems about the search for order amid total, hilarious moral collapse.

isbn: 9780973943887 / 0973943882  │  10.00  │  4.75 x 7 inches  │  96 pages  │  2008

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pashaPasha Malla is the author of three books: The Withdrawal Method (stories), All Our Grandfathers Are Ghosts (poems, sort of), and Why We Fight > Quran Neck (transliterated World War II propaganda). His first novel, People Park, will be published in June 2012.

Praise for Pasha Malla’s Writing

“[In All our grandfathers are ghosts]Malla’s diversions lead him to a finely wrought observation…Malla can carve out a compelling scene or tip a moment on its side…” – Broken Pencil

“Pasha Malla’s intriguing first short-fiction collection. . . reveal[s] his tenacious skill. . . . Sophisticated and unpretentious. . . each story of The Withdrawal Method has been carefully layered to affect the reader in a similarly subtle and profound way, making a lasting impression with its integrity and narrative skill.”
– Quill & Quire

“Devoted to the timeless narrative rewards of the fickle human heart. . . honest and confident stories . . . the bittersweet mixture of loss and humour bubble through.”
– Globe and Mail

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