Thresh by Kim Minkus

Layout 1THRESH: to beat mechanically, to drub, to whip. Minkus’ second collection of p0etry, Thresh, is a sensual linguistic trip through the daily violence of affluence. Voyeuristic and punishing, the language in this collection addresses the unlikely mechanistic rumblings of the sex doll factory floor; the progress of the Stations of the Cross; and the intricacies and polarities of female purification. Each poem lovingly hammers, pounds, teases and scratches at the fallacies of control and ownership. “ready? flail.”

isbn: 0981248845/9780981248844 | 12.00 cdn/us | 4.75 x 7 inches | 88 pages | 2009

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minkusKim Minkus is a Vancouver based poet, researcher and writing instructor. Thresh is her second collection of poetry, with LINEbooks javing published her first book of poetry, 9 Freight, in the fall of 2007.  She has published in FRONT Magazine, Interim,West Coast Line, The Poetic Front, LOCUSPOINT, ottawater, Memewar and Jacket. She currently teaches at Capilano University.

Praise for Kim Minkus’ Writing

“[9Freight is] a tight collection of poems…does its job by challenging us to look at the defeat and humiliation around us.” – Geist

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