The Olive and the Dawn by Ian Orti

Layout 1 The Olive and the Dawn, Ian Orti’s debut collection, explores, with tenderness and hilarity, the grey zones of life:  the psychological non-space people find themselves once the reference points that shaped their existence suddenly become stripped away. This book reveals glitches in the human design, with characters who confront an equally fallible God, asserting, contrary to popular belief, that unwavering self-destruction is the very essence of humanity.  Orti reveals a world where even good choices come with bad  consequences, childhood sports heroes make more sense than Jesus, and God is no less of a bully than the month of November.

isbn: 0981248802/9780981248806 | 12.00 cdn/us | 4.75 x 7 inches | 96 pages |  2009

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ortiauthor Ian Orti‘s first book with Snare Books, The Olive and the Dawn, won the Best Book Award at the Expozine Alternative Press Awards. His next novel, the experimental L (and things come apart) (Invisible Publishing) garnered critical acclaim in newspapers and journals across Canada. He is a columnist for Matrix Magazine and he writes extensively about music and music history for a number of publications. His fiction and poetry has been published in journals across Canada, the US, and Europe. He officially calls Montreal home but he travels extensively. 

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