Generator by Ian Christopher Goodman

Layout 1Goodman explores the parameters of bardic cybernetics and robot love. Morphing forms of digital interface with traditional poetry, Goodman creates new media out of archaic lyric artifacts. Generator shows us the world through the reality-twisted lens of Goodman’s eye-pod goggle. The result is a poetics of sensitive observation for the seriously insane.Whether generating interplanetary ballads, cyber chatroom conversation poems or spam-filtered versions of Pale Fire, Goodman makes the world strange for us again.

isbn: 0981248837/9780981248837 | 12.00 cdn/us | 4.75 x 7 inches | 88 pages  | 2009

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Ian Christopher GoodmanIan is currently roaming North America with his wheel-chaired cat and his veggie-oil VW van, working for The Bike Gardeners (aka Les jardiniers à bicyclette). He’s published two books of poetry: Generator with Snare Books and Bhagavad Goalie with Buffalo Runs Press. He’s also appeared in numerous other artful events. More info. can be found here: www.ianchristophergoodman.com

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