easy peasy by kevin mcpherson eckhoff

Easy Peasy assumes nothing, but ass you me severything! Part instruction manual for the comfortably literate, part picture book for the uncommitted spectator, these poems insist upon the simple beautiful error of words and the imaginative potential of miscommunion! If you enjoy spending time outdoors, eating chocolate bars, watching movies, drinking tea with friends, avoiding death, taking baths and understanding the world, then this book most definitely is not for your!

ISBN 9780986576539  |  $12  | 88 pages  | 2011

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kevin mcpherson eckhoff is rhapsodomancy (Coach House, 2010). Game Show Reversed (BookThug) was honourably mentioned by the 2011 bpNichol Chapbook Award. His words infect issues of West Wind Review,  Fact*Simile and dANDelion. He likes living in Armstrong, BC, with some dogs and a lady.

This puppydog of a book wags its tail when it sees you. Sudoku the pages! Colour the pictures! Word the unwords and unword the words!  Read the rest of Claire Lacey’s review

Read Michael Nardone’s creative review of Easy Peasy

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